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firma amenajare gradini


We are delighted that you have come this far and that is why we take this opportunity to provide you with all the information about us and our projects. 

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echipa amenajari gradina

Our story ...

it starts since 2008 with the first works of installing lawn rolls in Iasi county.

Over time, we aimed to specialize in other types of work to be carried out in private gardens, such as the construction of grills, pergolas, ponds and waterfalls, making garden furniture.

Since 2010, we have been working on a very stable supply base of trees, shrubs and perennial plants with quality products, thus I advance a guarantee that we can use the best materials, understanding here that the time in which we have accumulated this knowledge, this information , these products and making some mistakes at the beginning that we assumed and repaired at our own expense, can be found in these 14 years since we have been active in the landscape field. 

As a TIP: Don't expect a landscaper who has been active in the field for 2-3 years to have the knowledge of a landscaper who has been active for at least 15-20 years, so when you choose to work with a beginner, assume some problems in time in that arrangement.


Our company has staff qualified as LANDSCAPERS and as QUALIFIED WORKERS IN IRRIGATION.

Since 2014, we have been carrying out garden landscaping activities in the counties of: Iasi, Vaslui, Bacau, Neamt, Galati, Suceava, Botosani, as well as in Bucharest upon request. 

Our staff constantly participates in information courses and acquiring new knowledge about lawns, plants, diseases and pests of plants and lawns, etc. 

Currently we can say that we are among the most equipped both in terms of knowledge and professional gardening equipment.

We can offer you consultancy for any plant, shrubs and trees, about the place to plant it, the species, the planting method, the type of root, the need for water, the need for light, preventive treatments, curative treatments, necessary fertilizations; about lawns, how to establish a perfect lawn, types of mowing, types of lawn mowers, height of mowing line, lawn treatments, lawn fertilization, lawn winterization, types of lawn seeds, types of rolling lawns, aeration and sanding the lawn, scarifying and overseeding the lawn, the substrate of the lawn and how many cm is needed. 

Asociatia antreprenorilor de peisagistica din Romania


Unele dintre utilajele profesionale pe care le folosim

utilaje gradinarit Iasi


pe senile

scarificator cu suprainsamantare gazon


cu suprainsamantare

tractor de tuns gazon toro

Tractoras tuns


masina de insamantat gazon

Masina de

insamantat gazon

masina de sapat santuri irigatii

Masina de

sapat santuri

scarificator de gazon - scarificare


pentru gazon, profesional

aerator gazon - aerare

Aerator gazon


tocator de vegetatie gradina



aspirator de gradina



masina de tuns gazon profesionala

Masina tuns


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