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Import Premium roll lawn

Import Premium roll lawn

lei1,950.00 Regular Price
lei1,755.00Sale Price
1 Square meter
VAT Included

Premium quality rolling lawn, German quality, German products. This roll is of superior quality.


Sowing is done with high quality Eurogreen biological lawn seeds, on a smooth, properly prepared surface, cleaned of stones and weeds. These will ensure, after 12-15 months after sowing, a compact, uniform, resistant lawn of perfect quality.


The lawn is cared for according to a special program throughout the vegetation period by mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, phyto-sanitary care and other special operations.


The lawn is uncovered with special equipment in dimensions of 40/250 cm, i.e. one square meter, with a thickness of 2-3 cm and it is prepared on euro pallets for delivery.



    MINIMUM ORDER - 30m²


    the price includes palletizing and transport.

    The lawn is a living product, therefore it is easily damaged. The rolls must be installed within 12-36 hours to avoid possible damage to the lawn. In summer, the inside of the lawn roll heats up very quickly, reaching a critical temperature. That's why the unused rolls are unfolded and wetted to keep them for a longer period.


    The preparation of the land is actually the same as in the case of sowing: smooth, crushed, cleaned of stones and weeds. For more efficient rooting of the lawn in the soil on which it was mounted, it is recommended to use the Eurogreen-Starter fertilizer. During assembly, we must take care of the tight and careful joining of the edges. With the help of a knife, we can cut it following the plan of the garden perfectly.

    After installation, it is very important to evenly irrigate approx. 15L water/sq.m. Water helps in proper contact of the soil with the lawn. In the first 2 weeks, it must be watered daily for fast rooting. After a week we can check the development of the lawn's roots and we will be surprised how many new roots have formed.

    The first mowing of the lawn can be done 6-8 days after installation (in slope areas after 12-14 days).


    Qualities of lawn rolls:

     • 40cm x 250cm rolls, i.e. 1 m2.

    • thickness of 1.5 – 2 cm.

    • weight 20 – 25 kg/roll.

    • transport on euro pallets, 30 square meters/Euro pallet.

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